Let us think for a second..what comes in your mind??… There is something going in your mind right! It does! there would be no one without any thought in their mind because thats a part of our brain system. Everybody has their own thoughts for everything and it’s always true that no ones thought will be similar 100%. Everyone has their own perception for things but most of time people takes others thinking/perception as their own life part. They think that what the other said according to that similar things had either happened or is happening in their life also i.e if someone posts something sad we think that it has also happened with us but it is not same. Other people sadness or happiness is always different from yours as everyone has their own world they are living in and no two worlds are similar. Once I read a post which state somewhat like – “Some people have natural healing aura which attracts negative people towards them. Rather treating them first treat yourself”…. before going further let us again think for a moment. What you perceive/think from this line?…. Now let us assume that “people with natural healing aura” are “doctors” and the “negative people” be “patients”. Now think yourself that patients will go where?… to doctors right!! which make sense because not all people on earth are doctors similarly not all people are blessed to be natural healers.

So….you have to THINK for a moment before making any decisions. THINK before reading or seeing anything that whether it really applies on you or not. THINK before answering to someone according to situation whether you are saying right or wrong. Sometimes a little moment of thinking will give you great result of happiness in life. Even what I wrote may be wrong for some, but remember, thats why we all are atleast blessed with something called thinking power. ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE AND KEEP A SMILE ON FACE.

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Speak…. maybe you may not get another chance to

Speak…. maybe this is the last opportunity!

Speak…. don’t keep it inside your mind

Speak…. truth but not the lies

Speak…. but also before that listen carefully to others

Speak…. don’t let someone makes fun of you

Speak….. don’t ever shy

But most importantly….

Speak…. Speak your heart to your loved one, because it will hurt when you will not..